2023 SNOWBALL RALLY - April 28* 29th & 30th

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Q: When is the 2023 Snowball Rally?

A: April 28th 29th & 30th.

Q: Where are we going? What's the route?

A: The route itself is kept secret until the starting line. We can tell you that we will go from Sacramento to Tahoe and back (with an optional night stage beginning in San Francisco).

Q: How much will all of this fun cost me?

A: Only $575 for two people. (Includes deluxe overnight accommodations in Lake Tahoe)

Q: What should I drive?

A: Most pre-1980 sports and touring cars are eligible however, preference always goes to older or more unusual entries. We always strive for a diverse field so only so many of certain makes or models will be chosen.

(please no trucks, vans, tractors, or forklifts)

Q: How many people are expected?

A: We limit the field to approximately 50 cars. So with co-drivers, usually +-100 participants.

Q: How long do I have to procrastinate?

A: Applications are due no later than March 15th... and preference often goes to older and more unusual vehicles. We usually reach our limit within a few weeks, so don't delay... or you may end up watching from the sidelines!

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