2023 SNOWBALL RALLY - April 28* 29th & 30th


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Driver's Name ___________________________________________________________ 

Address ________________________________________________________________ 

City State Zip___________________________________________________________ 

email __________________________________________________________________ 

Phone ______________________________________    T-Shirt Size M______W_______ 

Emergency Contact __________________________    Phone#____________________ 

Co-Driver's Name ________________________________________________________ 

Address ________________________________________________________________ 

City State Zip ___________________________________________________________ 

Phone _________________________________________  T-Shirt Size M______W_____ 

Emergency Contact _____________________________  Phone#__________________ 

One bed or Two at hotel? ___________________ 

 Vehicle Information:

 Year _________  Make ___________________________________________________ 

Model ___________________________________________________________________ 

 Modifications? ___________________________________________________________ 



*Please No Vehicle Substitutions Without Prior Approval

I understand that the Snowball Rally is a motoring tour, not a race, or in any way a speed contest. I also understand that road conditions and weather can be unpredictable, and will adjust my driving accordingly. My vehicle is legal, registered for the road, and covered by liability insurance. (proof of which I must carry during this event) I agree to waive any liability on the part of the Snowball Rally or its organizers, by reason of any injury or damage sustained or incurred by myself or my vehicle. I agree to hold the Snowball Rally and its organizers free and harmless there from. I further agree that my private insurance will be the only insurance available to me.

Driver's Signature ________________________________________________________ 

Co-Driver's Signature ____________________________________________________  

Print, fill out, and mail this form with a check for $575 to JEFF GUZAITIS no later than March 15th 2023. A $50 late fee will apply to entries accepted afterward.

*Refunds available until March 31st, after which entry fees are non-refundable. This event will run rain, shine, or possibly even a blizzard! 
We reserve the right to alter the route at any time.

Driver & Navigator- $575______________ 

Additional T Shirts- $20_______________   Size(s)____________

Late Fee(after 3/15) $50_______________ 

Total $______________________________

Send to:
 Jeff Guzaitis
 The Snowball Chalet
 1320 Griffith St.
 San Francisco, Ca. 94124